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What People Are Saying About Merritt Academy

Merritt Academy Charter School Reviews | Merritt Academy Testimonials

"My daughter attends this school and it is excellent. The education is top notch and the staff are wonderful. My other children will be attending when they are old enough. I highly recommend this school to anyone seeking a caring environment with an excellent academic structure." - Merritt Academy Parent

"Merritt Academy is a terrific learning institution. The staff provides a good balance of caring and discipline while giving the students a superior education. We are very pleased with the education our children are receiving. We are certain that the education they are receiving is providing them with a strong base for higher education and a positive future!" - Merritt Academy Parent

"I went to Merritt Academy my whole school career and I wouldn't change that for the world. It's a nice small school environment that grows every year. There is lots of personal one on one with the teachers and the office staff has always been so kind. It's a perfect school for people like me who don't like being in environments with too many people where you only know a few people. Everyone knows everyone there, which yes could be quite annoying at some points, but its also perfect because it's like you always have a friend somewhere on campus. I would recommend Merritt Academy to anybody looking for a good school." - Merritt Academy Alumni

"Due to the small size of Merritt Academy, teachers are invested personally in their students. Those who take the initiative to ask questions and to get themselves help are rewarded by the teachers' commitment to their pupils. The majority of teachers make a point of integrating life skills and real world examples of the lessons into curriculum. The bonds that some students form with these teachers cannot be expressed in a review, they often become life-long mentors to the students of Merritt Academy." - High School Senior

"I love everything about this school." - Merritt Academy Parent

"I love this school, they have one of the most caring, helpful staff I've know, especially the office. Miss Rosie is like the school Mom, Nurse, caregiver. She cares about all the student's goes out of her way for each and everyone one, she truly puts her heart into her work. We been through a lot the last couple of years and this school and ALL the staff has done so much to help and support. My son will not go to any other school I drive 101 miles a day there and back 4 times a day and if it wasn't for this staff and the REAL CARE, SUPPORT, TRULY WANTING TO HELP THE KID'S SUCCEED, I wouldn't do it. It is truly a great school for anyone wanting the best for there kid's.  You won't find a better school with a great office staff principal vice principal office caregivers teachers and athletic department. They have a teacher that stays after school every day a different teacher and they call it ninth hour and they're there to help the kids to get caught up with extra help and then and that just shows how much they care about wanting the kids to succeed." - Melissa

"I really appreciate all the school has to offer. It's small but it grows and advances every year. Teachers are extremely dedicated and the student body is a family."  -Merritt Academy Student

"This school is unique because it feels like a family." - Merritt Academy Senior

"My child has many different opportunities at Merritt for extracurricular activities. Students can create a club, even if it has little to no funding." - Merritt Academy Parent

"Teachers at Merritt Academy are extremely dedicated to teaching student and making sure the material is understood. Any teacher will make time for any student whether it be academic or social help. Teachers are respectful to students and handle difficult student well. Teachers are willing to individually help students and everyone gets a chance to speak." - Merritt Academy Senior

"I noticed a huge change for my child, versus the community school he was attending." - Merritt Academy Parent

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